The FLYGHT Smile Project: a small idea with a big smile

[Updated: 7/8/17]

I believe the world would be a better place if…

People were a little more positive.

A best friend once asked me to fill in the blank and that’s what instantly came to mind.

I often dream about building a meaningful business one day, and filling in the blank to that statement can uncover a problem you’re actually passionate about tackling.

In my case, people aren’t positive enough.

But why not?

Maybe it’s because many societies and the internet aren’t purposely built to help people be more positive. Just like many grocery stores aren’t created to help us be more healthy.

Or maybe it’s because tons of people lack access to positively charged environments.

Or to be frank, maybe it’s just because life can be f*cking hard.

Let’s face it…

We know millions of people work jobs they don’t enjoy (a recent Gallup poll found that only 30% of people are highly engaged with their work!), negativity dominates our headlines, and our individualistic society is built in a way that makes it tough for anyone to be happy. Further, we find ourselves in a digital era that’s bloated with bigoted, meaningless, and self-serving content (articles, songs, pictures, status updates, podcasts) that’s making it even harder to escape all the negativity. Let alone, be able to find the things that actually benefit our lives.

So for a moment, let’s imagine a different kind of internet.

Let’s imagine an internet full of compassion, positivity, and inspiration that helps people build a more beautiful, positive world—together.

Let’s imagine an online ecosystem where everyone is welcome, where negativity is abolished, and where positive intention trumps all.

Instead of likes, think smiles.

Think about a place where you can come to create, share, and find inspirational and helpful content (articles, pictures, messages, videos, podcasts).

Think about a platform where you’d be able to see how many people you helped smile today, and collectively how many people the community has helped smile.

Imagine an army of people with different ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, experiences, and religions—who carry one common goal—to help other people.



But unrealistic, right?

Well maybe not.

Don’t get me wrong, bringing positive attention to negative issues is great news, but when it comes to the fighting, the hate, the complaining, and the hurtful words…

It’s tough to digest.

So I’m left with three options:

1. I can pack my bags and break away from society to find a hidden utopia. (Sounds exciting, but doubtful).

2. I can try to exclude myself from all the negativity I come across online. (Already trying to do this).


3. I can create something that helps people be a little more positive. (Personally, my favorite).

So what if there is a way to make my wish, #3, come true?

Because with every problem a simple little solution can be born, and with a simple little solution could come a big smile—that could potentially help other people smile.

This is where the FLYGHT Smile Project comes into play.

My mission is simple: to build an army of people who want to help make our world a more positive place.

No matter what happens, I’m going to try to make the world a little more positive, but with your help and with the help of the internet, I know we can make the world A LOT more positive.

This post is one small step in that direction.

And why do I care about this in the first place?

It’s because I care about people’s happiness.

And you should too.